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SeaTac - free to useSeaTac International Airport is the largest airport in the Northwest United States and gets its name from being positioned roughly between Seattle and Tacoma. It is the main hub for Alaska Airlines and the international gateway to Asia and Europe for Delta. It’s 13,000 covered space parking garage is the largest in the country. 

Policy & Cannabis Facts

Do you need to know where to go when you land? We have the answer and a ride! Kush Tourism will pick you up, drop you off, and get you “high.” See our Travel Page for more information! If you want to DIY check out our Washington Retail Marijuana Shop Page for more information.

Smoking cannabis is not allowed at the airport. Edibles are your better bet, and the high will probably last throughout your flight. Port of Seattle police sergeant Jason Coke states, “As far as we’re concerned, [cannabis] is personal property,” he says. Although certain personal property is banned on airplanes, he explains, pot isn’t, assuming it weighs less than the legal possession limit. So there you have it on travel, but be very aware of the laws of the place you are flying to. Seattle rules don’t apply in Atlanta and crossing state lines in possession remains a federal offense.


The Pancake Chef Restaurant

For over 57 years the Pancake Chef has served hearty breakfast and lunch options. Catch these folks on the way to your flight and avoid airport food prices. It’s not fancy, just simple and home style. Get one free breakfast for every five you eat there.

The BBQ Schacht

Have an urge for brisket, ribs and pulled pork? You better pull over on your way to the airport, because they don’t have anything the The BBQ Schacht there. BBQ aficionados can be a hard crowd to please, but give them a chance; they have more fans than detractors.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Where can you find Hawaiian can ice tea, spam musubi, ramen burger, and katsura chicken? Not far from the airport, that’s for sure. Getting lots of praise for food quality, price and customer service, this hole in the wal is worth time exploring.

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