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Sitting 60 miles southeast of the stunning Mt. Rainier, Yakima is best known for its agriculture. If you are a fan of beer, you will want to check out Yakima as it produces 77% of the nations hops! 77%, that is A LOT of hops. With a population of 243,000 in the metropolitan area, its not necessarily small, but the actual city holds about 90,000 citizens, respectfully.

Yakima only has one dispensary at the moment, but access to legal cannabis is easy and daily deals can be found on Kushguide.com! Yakima is also home to a growing number of wineries, and also is a major producer of apples for consumption around the globe.

The Yakima River also runs through the city, so you can enjoy a nice day on the water skiing/boating or snag some fish, as they are plentiful. Yakima is also famous for winning the “All American City Award,” in 1994 and again 2015; only 10 cities a year receive this prestigious award. With an outdoor combination of the river, the hops production, and the prestigious city awards, Yakima is a great place for everyone to visit. Pull up a chair, light that joint, sip your beer and relax. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.

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