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Although named after the same sea captain George Vancouver, this city is not to be confused with the city in British Columbia, Canada. In fact, the city in Washington was Incorporated 29 years before the city in B.C., as a fur trading post. Vancouver being originally inhabited by the Native American tribes the Chinook, and the Klickitat nations, sits beautifully on the north bank of the Columbia River. Vancouver is directly above Portland, so being a border town between Oregon and Washington; the city shares a great deal of cross-state commuters.

Vancouver now has around 170,000 people that call the city home, but with cross state travel, that number swells. Now the economic focus is on tech industry and the service industry, with the largest employer being PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center and the Evergreen school district in a close second. Cannabis is of course legal and can be readily found at any of the dispensaries in town, but don’t bring it over to Portland (it is still illegal to cross state lines with cannabis). In fact, Vancouver is home to the state’s highest-earning cannabis club in the state of Washington, Main Street Marijuana.

With Portland being right across the river, it is only a short 15-minute skip from Vancouver. So whether you want to stay in Vancouver and party in Portland, the choices are there for you to enjoy yourself and get two very different cultures. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.

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