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Located 45 minutes south of Seattle, Tacoma sits on the scenic Puget Sound as a mid-sized urban city, in the midst of an economic resurgence. Famous for its paper mills and international port, the city has had a tough economic past that is on the upswing. Tacoma’s major industries being technology and agriculture, employment is actually up by 3%! The marijuana industry is helping on a massive scale, bringing in over $90 million in sales, since legalization.

Tacoma’s population hangs around 200,000 according to a 2010 census, with a solid tourism industry and was even rated as one of the nations most walkable cities by prevention.com. Home to the “Glass museum,” and “Americas Car Museum,” Tacoma respectfully has a solid arts and history vibe throughout the city. Even the annual Tacoma Film festival gets thousands of attendees every year.

The Tacoma Dome is also a popular destination for concerts and other live events. The facility always has something work checking out going on!

If you just happen to be visiting Seattle, and want to get a different vibes, some arts or just want to adventure around, give Tacoma a visit and enjoy that farmers market! For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.

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