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Heavily dedicated to its Native American roots, Spokane literally translates to “children of the sun.” Located about 280 miles heading east from Seattle with a population roughly 220,000, Spokane is Washington’s second largest city and one with an incredibly rich cultural and ancient past. The earliest settlers coming around 13,000 to 8,000 years ago, the Salishan history runs thick. Spokane is home to the Gonzaga Bulldogs, one of the premier NCAA men’s basketball teams and universities.

As the city is moving from heavy manufacturing to a more service-oriented style economy, Spokane has seen solid growth in that sector and also with the expanding marijuana industry. In fact the job market has grown about 1.9%, boasting an unemployment rate hovering at 7.3%. Sativa sisters, Greenstar Cannabis, and Green Light being a few of the many dispensaries in the area, there is no shortage of the lovely green leaf. Public consumption is still illegal, but many engage as an act of “anti-establishment. You wont get into any kind of big trouble, so just be careful.

Spokane is also settled right next to the Spokane River, a popular destination during the summer for rafting and or kayaking. There are numerous concert halls such as The Fox Theater and the Bing Crosby Theater, and museums such as the northwest Museum of Art and Culture. Spokane was even awarded the “All-America City Award,” again in 2015 following 2004 and even 1974 respectfully, by the National Civic League.

Whether you are there on business or pleasure, there is enough of the great outdoors meeting a booming service economy for you to enjoy your legal cannabis and have quite an eventful trip. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.

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