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Home to Boeing, Everett is located on the Puget Sound. Everett is known for its airline and flight industry, as well as its international port. Also home to the U.S. Naval Station Everett, it is a mixture of civilians and Navy Sailors. If you are into boats, yachts or bigger ships, Everett boasts the largest public marina in the United States. They city is very serious about enjoying the skies as well as the sea, so make the trip if you want to get high, maybe even get wet.

Everett’s population is about 104,000, with more dispensaries opening every day, finding legal cannabis will not be a challenge, especially at fair prices (deals can be found on Kushguide.com). With 40 parks, there is plenty of open, fresh air to enjoy a nice walk or bike ride. Being only 25 north miles of Seattle, it is a nice getaway for the locals or tourists that want a change of scenery. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.