Edmonds Marijuana Information

Retail Marijuana
Shops In Edmonds

Located 11 miles North of Seattle, Edmonds has no retail marijuana shops within it’s city limits but is home to over 40,000 inhabitants. Since there are no retail shops in Edmonds you will need to use the resource to your right to find there nearest spot to get your hands on sticky legal bud.

Yet another suburb of Seattle, Edmonds is a beautiful city located between the Puget Sound and The Olympic Mountain Range. Boating is very popular in the area and Edmonds boasts one of the largest ports in the Snohomish County.

With a decent sized concentration of public parks, an underwater park, a skate park and even a dog park, the city is quite active. If you are looking for a short but beautiful drive out of the big city, we recommend making a day trip.

Come check out Edmonds the next time you fancy a walk in a new and beautiful area!

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There are multiple options for places to stay when visiting Edmonds. We recommend staying at the Best Western or Travelodge. If these options don’t best suit your needs, please consult our full lodging directory by clicking here!