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Vermont Kush TourismA decade after legalizing medical marijuana, Vermont may be one of the states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2017. However, their legalization approach is different than most states: Vermont is looking to legalize recreational marijuana through a bill approved by the state legislature. It definitely helps that Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has shown public support for cannabis legalization and encouraged legislature to legalize marijuana.

As of May 2017, big things are happening! On Wednesday 5/9/17 Vermont legislature made history by becoming the first in the nation to approve a recreational marijuana legislation bill. The bill was approved by the Vermont House of Representatives and was previously approved by the state Senate. If GOP Gov. Phil Scott signs the bill, Vermont will become the first US state to legalize recreational cannabis without a voter measure. This is a big deal! We will post more if/when Gov. Scott signs the bill, but this is very exciting! Check back here for more information as it becomes available!

While you wait for the cannabis lounges to open, Vermont residents can still get their hands on some legal marijuana if they have a medical marijuana card. Patients can head to any of the licensed dispensaries in the state and purchase up to 2 ounces of usable marijuana. Patients can also grow up to 2 flowering plants and possess up to 7 immature plants. Until those lounges open, it is recommended to keep your marijuana consumption to private property.

Kush encourages discretion for all travelers. Use common sense and courtesy. Vape pens are often the best way to consume if you must in a public area. Don’t drive while high – you can be convicted of a DUI for driving under the influence of marijuana in Vermont. If you find yourself in a pinch with the law, check out our Vermont Cannabis Lawyers page for help!

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Vermont FAQ

Is Marijuana legal in Vermont?

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Vermont. In order to purchase from a licensed store, you need a medical marijuana card, which you can get from specific doctors in the state.

It is possible that in 2017 recreational marijuana use will be legalized by a bill passed by the state legislature.

Can I get my Medical Card if I am not a Vermont resident?

No, you must be a resident of Vermont is register for a medical marijuana card.

Where can I buy marijuana?

If you have a Medical Marijuana Card you can visit any of the state-licensed dispensaries in Vermont.

What do you need to purchase cannabis in a dispensary?

You need a medical marijuana card, which you can get from specific doctors in the state.

If legalized in 2016, adults 21 and over will be able to buy marijuana recreationally from state licensed retail stores.

What types of marijuana will the dispensaries sell?

You will see a number of different flower strains categorized by their strains ranging from strong Indicas to strong Sativas and everything in between. Each strain can have different effects so be sure to ask the budtender for assistance in choosing the best marijuana for you. Strong Sativas strains are known for their general uplifting, energizing, and head high effects while Indicas are known for their full body highs and sedative effects.

Dispensaries will also sell a number of other types of marijuana products, including but not limited to:

  • Concentrates: essential oils of the cannabis plant. Warning: these can be very potent!
  • Edibles: Cannabis infused foods, candies, or drinks. Warning: These can be very potent! Be sure to check the serving size before enjoying and remember the effects can take up to an hour to hit you.
  • Transdermal Products (Topicals): creams, lotions, massage oils and such infused with cannabis. These products are not psychoactive and will not get you high.
  • Seeds: seeds that can be used to grow your own marijuana plants. Stores will have many different strains of Indicas and Sativas.
  • Clones: healthy seedlings that are ready be grown.

How much will it cost?

The price of marijuana depends on strain and quality, but you can expect marijuana prices to be between $10 and $30 per gram.

How much Marijuana can I buy?

The Vermont law allows patients to have 2 ounces of usable marijuana, up to two flowering marijuana plants, and up to seven immature marijuana plants.

Can I take my purchase home if I live in another state or country?

No. All marijuana and marijuana products purchased in Vermont must be consumed in Vermont. Do not risk crossing state lines with marijuana.

Where can I consume my recent purchase?

Under the current law, patients may only consume marijuana in a private residence.

If Senate Bill 241 or Senate Bill 95 were passed by legislature, they would permit cannabis lounges as part of the legalization of recreational marijuana.

If marijuana is legalized can I still get in trouble?

Yes. You can always get in trouble at the federal level, but as long as you follow the rules for marijuana in Vermont, state and local authorities will not have any issues with you. If you find yourself in a pinch with the law, check out our Vermont Cannabis Lawyers page for help!

What is a dab?

Dabs are often compared to the hard liquor of the cannabis world, and can be found in many forms. Dabs are the essential oils and waxes of the cannabis plant that are extracted and concentrated into a potent wax form. They are known for their high concentration of THC. Smoking a dab is much stronger than smoking flowers. If you are not a regular cannabis consumer with a high tolerance, we recommend using extreme caution.

If you’re considering purchasing or doing a dab, it is also important to know what is in the essential oil being offered or sold and if it is safe. Many extracts may not have been purged correctly, and may contain residual amounts of butane or other solvents. CO2 oil is often noted as the safest oil because critical extraction machines that use CO2 as the only solvent extract it.

Read more about BHO and Concentrates here: “What’s the Buzz about BHO
Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the current state of Marijuana law in your area.

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