Vela Cannabis will host "Pet Appreciation Day" on Friday, December 9th to teach pet owners about the uses of CBD for pets.

Vela Cannabis will host “Pet Appreciation Day” on Friday, December 9th to teach pet owners about the many uses of CBD for pets.

In today’s day and age, the youth of America is waiting longer to have children, and are filling the void of having kids early by placing a greater emphasis on raising pets. As a result of this, pets across the country are starting to experiment with non-psychoactive medicinal marijuana to treat a wide variety of symptoms. With ailments ranging from arthritis to anxiety, pet owners are finding that CBD (cannabidiol)  dog treats can work wonders for keeping their pets happy and active.


One pot shop in Seattle is putting pets first! On Friday, December 9th, Vela Cannabis will be hosting a “Pet Appreciation Day,” and beginning at 11AM, cannabis enthusiasts who are also pet owners can bring in Man’s Best Friend to learn more about pet-friendly cannabis products and their therapeutic properties. The shop will feature CBD Pet Companion Tincture made by Fairwinds, and will help coach pet owners how they can help ease their four-legged friends’ ailments.

While CBD dog treats are nothing new in the marijuana industry, more people have recently been hearing of the application of non-psychoactive pot treats for their pets, and we think that it is great that Vela is taking the time to educate those in the Seattle metropolitan area on the subject. Like humans, pets have no need to be on the prescription diet if they can treat their symptoms with natural products.


This event is great because not only is Vela a retail shop, but they also have their own grow and production facility on site. As a result of this, the shop can not only accurately describe how the treats work, but also provide a look into how they are made. In addition to providing useful information, the shop will also offer special discounts on particular products, and a holiday inspired photo booth to preserve the memories!

Vela is located at 1944 First Ave South in SODO, and is a short walk from Pioneer Square. The event goes from 11AM until close on Friday, December 9th, and we will definitely be their with our pets in tow! If you are interested in seeing how these products work, or if they are effective for your pet, please consider dropping by the shop tomorrow!

Vela Cannabis Hosts Pet CBD Event
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Vela Cannabis Hosts Pet CBD Event
Pet owners are finding that CBD dog treats can work wonders.
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