You won’t see this list on websites such as Visit Seattle or Experience Washington’s, but our goal is to help people see the true side of Seattle. Seattle is a gritty city is known for it’s grunge music, progressive culture, and it’s supreme taste! Don’t get caught up in our tourist traps. You need to see what really makes this city great!

5. Show Me Seattle

We can’t leave Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine off the list! Show Me Seattle puts all of these items into one tour. Washington is the 2nd largest wine tourism destination in the country and is world renowned for their coffee. This is a must see tour that combines three vices into one unique experience!

4. The Underground Tour

This tour is a staple of Seattle Tourism. Although it’s not quite as edgy as the rest of the items on this list, we still highly recommend checking it out! You’ll enjoy the experience, and you’ll learn about the seedy history of Seattle.  Tickets are $20/person and they operate multiple tours per day. You shouldn’t have any issues getting a ticket.

3. Road Dog Tours

These tours are just as much about education as they are drinking! One of our #TeamKush founders used their service for a bachelor party, and this tour definitely delivered. Maybe over delivered! Seattle has so many great breweries and distilleries that it’s hard to see them all in one trip. Road Dog Tours does a great job at showing you what the Northwest craft brewing scene has to offer.

2. VENUEThe Can Can

The Can Can is an amazing venue to see an edgy burlesque show, and they easily make it on this list. This classy yet provocative show is a great place to take a date, and it’s right in Pikes Place Market. Tickets are very affordable, but we recommend buying them in advance as shows typically sell out!

1. The Comedy Underground

I hope you have thick skin! This comedy venue is right in pioneer square and attracts top comedy talent from around the country. This relatively small venue puts you up close and personal with comedians who aren’t afraid to let loose. Prepare to have a great time as we know you’ll be laughing your ass off.

Bonus: The Seattle Kush Tour

If you’re into the activities above, you should definitely check out Seattle’s Kush Tour! If you’re visiting Seattle you’ll be in one of the few places where cannabis is legalized in the world. If you can’t make a tour, we at least recommend using your new found freedom by making a purchase  at one of Seattle’s many pot shops.

Top 5 Edgy Tours & Activities in Seattle
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Top 5 Edgy Tours & Activities in Seattle
You won't see this list on websites such as Visit Seattle or Experience Washington's, but our goal is to help people see the true side of Seattle.
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