IMG_0923Joining the Cannabis Industry is a liberating and life changing decision. Although it may seem glamorous, we warn you to proceed with caution and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

  1. Legal Cannabis is Volatile. Although demand is constant, the laws are not. Laws are constantly being written and modified especially in states going through the legalization process. Legal fluctuations can cause business opportunity to exist one day and be extinct the next.
  2. The Grind. It takes 10 times longer to do anything innovative. If your idea is truly creative or innovative, you will be breaking ground in industries that haven’t considered cannabis before.
  3. Prejudice and Stigma. Telling your family members and friends that you’re in the weed business isn’t always easy. What about when your in-laws ask what you do for a living or how about your spouse’s employer? The toughest one is when kids ask you what you do for a job? Do you own it, or do you down play it? It’s a touchy situation.
  4. It’s Federally Illegal. Don’t forget that CANNABIS IS FEDERALLY ILLEGAL. Although states are legalizing cannabis and societal acceptance is shifting, federal prosecution is always a scary thing. No one wants to go to jail.
  5. Deals are made is straight cash. It’s scary carrying around more than $10,000 in cash. Unfortunately it’s normal in the Cannabis Industry.
  6. Cannabis is a high growth industry.  With more states legalizing, and national legalization a real possibility in the next 10 years, the Jack Daniels and Jim Beams are being created at this moment.
  7. Investors are looking at the Cannabis industry.  If you have a business model that can help Cannabis businesses grow, without touching the product, there are a lot of investors looking to help your business flourish.
  8. Cannabis friendly employers can be found in this industry.  More often than not, your employer, or employees will enjoy toking up after work.  This relieves any stress about who you can talk to about Kush.
  9. You are creating history –many of the accomplishments that are achieved in the Cannabis industry are happening for the first time in history.
  10. The media is hungry for interesting angles to cover the Cannabis industry.  If you have a clever idea, chances are you will end on TV or in a publication.
Top 10 Things You Should Consider Before Joining the Cannabis Industry
Article Name
Top 10 Things You Should Consider Before Joining the Cannabis Industry
Joining the Cannabis Industry is a liberating and life changing decision.
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