IMG_20141016_211834What is the Seattle Pipe Masters Collab you may be asking? Well…..

Seattle PipeMasters Collab will feature the work of ten days of collaboration between twenty-five glass artists from around the world, October 15-25, 2014. Some of the top artists in the industry will work inside our state-of-the art facility – The Boro School, Seattle’s Premier FlameWorking School and Studio – and create beautiful, unique, mind-blowing pieces of functional glass art. Seattle PipeMasters Collab will involve several ticketed events open to the public, including the PipeMasters Gallery, three different Cocktail Parties, and a Closing Night Celebration. (Thank you for the perfect description per their web site )

Guess what I had the incredible opportunity to attend tonight! For real, this is a dream come true – next to going to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup,  Seriously. Think about it, I have watched these artists make some intense impacts in an underground world for 15+ years. Stood in festival lots surrounded by people and things only to be fully into the glass that was being passed – hehe and the herb in said glass piece.  I admire these Artists, look up to them and how they embrace their concept of life through a medium that takes an intense amount of skill.

I’m not going to lie, when I first pulled up to 7 Point Studio I had a moment of I can’t do this. I kept thinking how am I going to go in there and not make a fool of myself? They are the super stars of the pipe world. They created techniques, styles, and made epic things that could probably make a king tremble with jealousy if someone other than him had it. They bleed a different color then me. Shut up Darby you’re being silly, I was terrified.  So, I took a big fat rip off my handy dandy vape pen. Gathered my things and went in.

As soon as I entered I was greeted with smiles! The folks at the desk were so incredibly kind and welcoming. Thank you 7 Point Studios, your staff is AWESOME!! After talking with the entry crew, I was feeling some better. When I entered the main area I saw the vendors. A couple of things tickled my fancy. Oh crap there it is I see the benches! All nervousness gone gone, not a lick of oddness left in me. Yup I was home. The sound of the torches, the bit of heat that radiates from them and the kilns, the ventilation all of it put me at ease. I immediately started grinning from ear to ear.  I didn’t know who to watch first. I really enjoyed seeing Amber do her thing. I got lost in Kevin Nails technique I felt like I was in a dream. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to watch him in real life. Any of the artists really. One of the things that I really dig about this event is that I can get close enough to the artists and what they are doing to really see their skill. I recommend everyone going to at least one of the gallery nights. It’s an experience like no other. A stellar event that is The Seattle Pipe Masters Collab.

I can’t express how much I am going to enjoy the next 8 days.


Puff Puff,

Darby Doobie

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The Seattle Pipe Masters Collab
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The Seattle Pipe Masters Collab
Seattle PipeMasters Collab will feature the work of ten days of collaboration between twenty-five glass artists from around the world, October 15-25, 2014.
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