800px-jointdetailSeptember 20, 2016 – With a 35-3 pass, Nashville becomes the first city in Tennessee to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis. The current law is built around jail time and a fine of $2,500, but lawmakers successfully passed a new bill that will allow you to carry up to half an ounce of marijuana on your person with a maximum penalty of $50, if caught. This is just another blow to the great wall against legalization, one that is essential to the normalization of cannabis.

Not all lawmakers are happy with this decision and has one threatening to pull federal highway funds from the city if this law continues to be in place. Rep. William Lamberth needs to get with the times, his antiquated interpretations of cannabis and cannabis users must be updated. he says he does not wish to file the bill, but will as he feels cannabis legalization is unjust. We here at Kush Tourism obviously disagree with Rep. Lamberth and with good reason: Why should someone to go jail for carrying a little bit of weed? It is illogical, immoral and wrong.

With this new bill passing, Tennessee is now that much closer (yet still incredibly far) to legalizing cannabis in the states entirety. We will continue to monitor Nashville and what is happening with the laws, stay tuned!

The Get down: Nashville Decriminalizes Cannabis.
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The Get down: Nashville Decriminalizes Cannabis.
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