Since the WALCB’s planned implementation of Denver-based MJ Freeway’s Leaf Data Systems (originally planned for Nov 1st, then Feb 1st) the entire industry has been faced with a never ending list of updates that are typically out of the control of the user. Despite the LCB’s contingency plan, extended to March 31st, the progress made with uploading manifests, improper license # modifications, etc, there are still fires that have yet to be put out.


It seems a major issue to be addressed is the integration of Leaf with business owners inventory software.


  • Incorrect License Info.
  • Recreating product tags
  • Intake Problems
  • Label/Barcode Printing issues
  • Lags in the system
  • General troubleshooting


We spoke with licensees to see what solutions you can take as a business license owner to help streamline the process of working with Leaf. If you haven’t already tried these options, check them out and see if they can improve your productivity.


Explore A 3rd Party Service.

3rd party programs will resolve some of the day to day issues, like lots that aren’t scanning, or pending manifests, these additional tasks are time-consuming and honestly not worth your resources. Having a 3rd party dev team available to you to help hone in on issues and get them resolved in a timely fashion is invaluable.


Here is a list of companies that have the capacity to integrate with Leaf’s trackability system:


Weed TraQRr


Cultivera (aka S2 Solutions)



Be Pro Active.

When you find an issue, immediately have someone who is part of your team contact tech support, whether it be a 3rd party or Leaf’s support team.

“There are too many issues that the state contracted company has to combat, and it has become apparent that their methodology is to contain fires rather than put them out.”

-Michael Dystra, Owner at Terpene Transit

Therefore if you find yourself facing a fire, call the fire dept; let them know they need to have it addressed immediately, you want to be first in line during the day to have your solution provided to you.  


Know Your POS.

If you’re dealing with Green Bits you can shorten your bar codes to allow for better scanning. If you’re on Korona, you’ll have to use the entire code. Both systems are finicky when it comes to labeling – you’ll need at least a 300 DPI printer in order to have scannable bar codes for GB, while Korona will ask you to print on a 600 DPI. These printers can become very costly, especially if you’re printing multiple tickets. Get in touch with your service provider and see what helpful tips and work arounds they can provide.



Good Luck Everyone And We Hope This Helps, and as always check out for the newest deals and specials.