Although there are numerous creative ways to consume cannabis, this is a simple list comprised of every method to consume. Everyone knows you can get high from smoking or eating edibles, but I bet you haven’t heard or thought of all the various methods to consume cannabis like we have! Methods-of-consumption

Ways That Will Get You High:


The simplest and most common way to get stoned. Light dried flower on fire, and inhale the smoke!

Dried Flower comes in bud form or ground up. You can smoke it many different ways using papers, bongs, or a pipe.

Concentrates can also be burned. You can add them on top of a bowl or place concentrates in or on a joint.


volcano-vaporizer-digital-solid-valve-base(Edited)Is heating cannabis until the cannabinoids vaporize allowing you to only consume the essential parts of the plant.

Dry Flower same as smoking but instead you use a vaporizer to consume. Vaporizers come in many forms from table top versions to hand held.

Concentrates are typically vaporized using hand held vape pens or through dabbing. You can find table top vaporizers to consume concentrates, but it is not the most common way to consume.

Dabbing is when you use a heated plate at the end of a water pipe instead of a flower bowl. The plate commonly called a nail is heated by either an electric coil or a torch. To consume you place a small piece of concentrate on the hot plate and inhale through the water pipe. Dabbing is commonly referred to the hard alcohol of the cannabis world where a joint is compared to 1 beer, and a dab is compared to a double shot of liquor.

Solid Edibles

Solid Edibles are foods that are infused with cannabis in the form of infused oil, butter, or activated concentrates. On the store shelves you will typically find brownies, cookies, candies, chocolate, and other sweet or savory snacks.

Liquid Edibles

Drinks are the most common liquid edibles, and they come in the form of juices, sodas, and mixers.

Tinctures are liquids with a high concentration of activated cannabinoids. It typically only takes one of two drops under or on your tongue to do the job.

Sprays are  similar to tinctures but come in spray bottles and are usually minty flavored to replicate a breath spray.


Patches use concentrated extract in its activated form to penetrate your dermal layer and produce an elongated high similar to an edible. These products can last for up to 8 hours.


I think we all know what a suppository is, and yes, you can use them with cannabis. Many medical patients have to consume cannabis this way, and it’s a very effective form of consumption.


Breaths strips
are an up and coming way to consume cannabis and they can be quite effective! Sublingual absorption boasts around a 60% uptake of active cannabinoids. Check out these Oakor Slips as an example!Untitled-1

Ways to Medicate That Will Not going to get you high:


Lotions, creams, sticks, massage oil, lube, and pain sticks fall into the category of topicals. These won’t get you high, but people live by them for their medicinal effects! Check out Cannabis Basics for more info.

Cannabis Basics Product Line

Consumption of Non-Activated Cannabinoids

Many people juice water leaves from cannabis plants or extract THCA from dried flowers to consume for the medicinal benefits. Although they won’t get you high, CBD and CBN oils are known for their medicinal properties.

Ways of the Future:

Powered CO2 Oil

Gabby’s powered CO2 oil is a great example of what the future may hold. You can now evenly distribute CO2 oil into anything your heart desires!


Inhalers are most likely going to be used regularly on the medicinal side because it is such an easy and calculated delivery method. Additionally you don’t no heating element will be necessary to get your medicine!

Eye Drops

Eye Drops with Cannabigerol or CBG could be a good answer to reducing intraocular eye pressure.

Chew or Dip

You see it with Tobacco. Why not cannabis? If you chewed activated cannabis it would get you stoned and your gums are one of the most effective delivery systems .


Would you snort a cannabis infused powder? Me neither, but it may exist in the future!

Find a shop near you to purchase any of these products!

The 9 Ways to Consume Cannabis
Article Name
The 9 Ways to Consume Cannabis
Although there are numerous creative ways to consume cannabis, this is a simple list comprised of every method to consume. Everyone knows you can get high from smoking or eating edibles, but I bet you haven't heard or thought of all the various methods to consume cannabis like we have!
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