Although cannabis use is typically liberal in Europe, Amsterdam local government has recently cracked down travelers visiting specifically for cannabis use. With no where to go Colorado and Washington have flourished as a marijuana travelers ultimate vacation. For many European travelers looking for a marijuana vacation, Spain could be the answer.

Cannabis is freely puffed within the streets of Spain, and the smoking culture has become part of the normal environment in the country. There are even specific clubs which are known to be Cannabis freeholds spots, for the Cannabis smoker. Barcelona recently started publicizing its Cannabis Cannabis Social Club where you have to apply to be a member. Spain is a very special destination for any cannabis user to experience; Spanish marijuana is known for its potency and quality around the world. Though there are some laws and regulation regarding the product, the penalty tends to be very relaxed for users and people found in possession of the drug.


a) The City of Malaga is a popular municipality, and it’s the capital of the Malaga province of Spain. The city is rated the sixth largest in the country, and the state also has an extravagant Cannabis culture.

b) The laws and regulations of this state are even more relaxed when it comes to the usage of the herb. You will easily several clubs here and terrace hotels where groups of people are puffing their ways to ecstasy.

c) The Southern Spanish coast offers several spots where the plant is grown. The cannabis users often grow it in their private backyards, and the laws of the country are milder when it comes to exploitation of such drugs.

d) Hilltop villa is another popular club in the region where the herb is freely puffed. Patrons who frequent this club are known to be enthusiasts.

Mambo Beach Club:

a) Mambo Beach club is located within the serene Southern coast of the country. The region borders on the cool sea waters and panoramic views of the landscape.

b) The owner of the club used to operate a couple coffee shops in faraway Amsterdam. Jacques is a Dutch who invested by rebuilding the club all the way from ground up.

c) Tourists visiting the region always associate the club with Marijuana, as you pass by the smell of the products fills the entire air space there.

d) Many patron can be seen seating at the upper balcony of the club taking puffs; the club has several rooms inside where there is always smoking going on.

Expo Cannabis Sur:

a) The events like this take place many times in the county, the main aim of such expos is to expose the usage and popularity of the drug in the country.

b) One such event was held in recent times in the country at the Palacio De Frerias big Exposition Theater, there are always thousands of attendees there to learn about the new products.

c) Many local and international visitors flock to such even in great numbers to exploit the Cannabis culture. The whole industry is exposed at events like these, and different varieties of the herb can be found easily in such expos.

d) At least once or twice a year such Expos are held in the country. The expos are extremely fun with many enthusiasts buying and sampling different strains.

Cannabis Canyons:

a) This is a region in Malaga bordering the extreme Southern Coast of the country, the herb is grown a top the roofs of apartments here. The owners of such apartment like to maintain their privacy. The country’s laws and regulations tend to not infringe on that right.

b) There there are several plots of land planted with the herb, and you will find many different species in each of the fields. The growers use methods to avoid any legal penalties, and the fields tend to be on private property for their own protection.

c) The Cannabis Canyons are located in a pristine destination with a view to many other rugged canyons. The Mediterranean Sea is also nearby to offer a cool sea breeze on hot days.

d) People here grow many varieties of Cannabis in pots, every balcony of the apartments are filled to capacity with some of renowned strains such as: super Silver Haze, Nebula, Skunk, Purple Haze and many more.

Growing Scene:

a) Many individuals and companies have ventured into this cannabis growing culture; many companies and organizations have their proprietary method and are coming up with new ways to yield more per plant.

b) There is a lot of innovation in the growing scene of this herb, the individual groups and organization has set a new platform for the business.

c) Some of the popular sub industries in the scene are grow shops, manufacturers of Paraphernalia, nutrient companies and the seed banks.

d) Growers and innovators in the Cannabis Industry are frequently visited by local and foreign entities where they share the latest inventions and methods being used to grow.

Medicinal Usage:

a) Many generations have seen the herb being used in Spain. The normalized usage has brought many more strains to the region providing a large selection to choose from.

b) The many activists in the country also encourage cannabis use for medicinal purposes; such efforts are made to make the drug totally licensed without any regulations or law governing it.

c) Other users seek out cannabis strictly for recreational purposes like beer and wine.

d) It’s like there has been a generational culture shift in the country; the drug is being used freely on the streets, clubs, pubs and every joint possible.

The cannabis culture has been extremely progressive in the country, but many activists are still fighting to completely legalize it. If anyone has more information they would like to be added, shoot us an email at


Kim, a highly addictive traveler, avid reader and freelancer who loves to share his travel experiences on different blogs presently he is working for Bahrain visa. He has a work experience of 4 years as a content writer.


Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice, and unfortunately marijuana is still illegal in Spain. Please respect the marijuana laws during your visit to Spain. 

Spain, The Next Frontier
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Spain, The Next Frontier
With no where to go Colorado and Washington have flourished as a marijuana travelers ultimate vacation. For many European travelers looking for a marijuana vacation, Spain could be the answer.
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