Rent – A – Vape started with a single goal: To provide the highest quality equipment for your herbal consumption.

If you are staying in Seattle and you want a high quality and discrete method of consuming Cannabis, try our vaporizer rental program. We offer the highest quality vaporizers which create an effective and efficient vapor, with an amazing taste. By controlling the temperature, we can eliminate the combustion of plant matter creating a cleaner experience. Whether you are renting for a party, event, or tour, we hope that you enjoy your vaporizer experience and decide to transition to this efficient and effective method of consuming legal herbs. Although we can rent vaporizers, we cannot sell cannabis. You will need to use our marijuana retail shop map and directory to find a recreational shop near you.

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Vuber Cosmos | Volcano Vaporizer | Cannabinoid Combustion Temperatures | Other Herbs to Vaporize

Vuber Cosmos


$19.99/dayVuber Cosmos
$12.99/day with a Tour!
$129.99 MSRP

*Your Rental fee goes towards the price of the vaporizer if you decide to make a purchase.

 The Vuber Cosmos is a portable dry herb vaporizer that allows for three different temperature settings providing the best flavor and most powerful vapor from your dried Cannabis flowers. Enjoy the full potentials of your harvest with the Vuber Cosmos.

Kit Includes:

1x Cosmos Vaporizer
1x Vuber Carry Case
1x USB Charging Cord
1x Cleaning Tool
5x Extra Mouth Piece Screens
5x Extra Silicon Mouth Tips
1x Instructional Booklet

Not only does VUBER sell quality vaporizers at a low price They are also is the first vaporizer company  to meet the stringent standard of being a Green Company.  This is a huge accomplishment for the industry! No wonder we want to do business with such a quality company, and they are located right here in Seattle. Visit VUBER to learn more about quality vaporizers for herb, oil, and much more.

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Volcano Vaporizer

$29.99/day with a Tour!
$649.99 MSRP

*Your Rental fee goes towards the price of the vaporizer if you decide to make a purchase.

Oversize LED Dual Temp Displayvolcano-vaporizer-digital-solid-valve-base(Edited)
Precise Digital Temperature Control
(+/- 1. 5˚F)
Simple To Use EASY VALVE Starter Set
Ready To Go EASY VALVE Balloons
The VOLCANO is the ultimate vaporization system.

Whether you are a serious patient demanding ultimate control or you are looking to throw the ultimate party the Volcano is for you! This vaporizer as a perfect combination of precision and style.  This vaporizer is a table top piece of equipment, that looks like it was designed by NASA. Not only does this vaporizer serve as a party favor it vaporizes your herb efficiently.  You can fill a bag up to 5 times using the same herb you started with.

The Volcano is brought to you by the premier glass shop in Seattle, PIECE OF MIND.  With thousand of hand made glass pipes to choose from, you can find any and every smoking device you will ever you need in one location.  But wait with 8 stores in Washington you will always be able to find what you need at PIECE OF MIND.

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Cannabinoid Combustion Temperatures

Delta-9 THC – 315 °F.

The most famous cannabinoid. It has both euphoric and analgesic effects, inducing a great sense of relaxation.

CBD – 320 – 356 °F.
The cannabinoid most sought after by medical users for its vast array of medicinal applications. It partly counters the effects of THC, effectively countering feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

Delta-8 THC – 347 – 352 °C.
This cannabinoid is very similar to THC, but it is more stable and less psychoactive. It has great anti-vomiting properties.

CBN – 365 °F.
CBN is often found in quite small amounts, however, its effects can still be felt. It breaks down THC and is highly associated with a sedative effect.

CBC – 365 °F.
This cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

THCV – 365 °F.
THCV has been shown to moderate the psychoactive effects of THC, but more research is required.

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Other Herbs You can Vaporize

Rosemary and Thyme
The volatile oils of rosemary and thyme plants have been used for centuries to help heal respiratory ailments. Vaporizing rosemary or thyme is an effective way to deliver healing antimicrobial elements to the lungs. Rosemary and thyme are both highly volatile, so take care to avoid accidental combustion when vaporizing.

Eucalyptus is an effective antibacterial plant with vapors that are gentle enough for safe administration to children and pregnant women. This pleasant-smelling plant has vapors that may be helpful during colds, flu and lung infections.

Master herbalist Rosemary Gladstar recommends vaporizing chamomile for its gently sedative effects. Chamomile is one of the safest plants to vaporize and can be used for children and pregnant women who deal with mild anxiety or who have trouble sleeping. If anxiety or insomnia is a chronic problem, be sure to speak with your physician.

According to herbalist Susan Weed, lavender is a sweet-smelling, pungent herb that has been used for centuries for its calming effects. Vaporizing lavender is said to promote feelings of well-being as well as delivering powerful antibacterial vapors to the body. This gentle herb may be used safely for people of all ages. Be sure to use organic lavender to prevent pesticide or herbicide absorption while vaporizing.

Basil, when used in a vaporizer, can be used to settle a gassy stomach. The relaxing qualities in basil offer a soothing scent, while the volatile oils are delivered to the body in vapor form. Though basil is a safe herb, it should not be used in excess by women who are pregnant because it may increase premature contractions.

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