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Cannabis Crafts, Culture & Medicine

Tour Length – 4 hours

Experience a personal tour behind the scenes of the Washington Cannabis Industry. On this tour we meet the business owners who are laying the foundation for the rapidly emerging Cannabis industry. One thing we focus on is providing a fun experience, while providing you the right information on the current legal landscape of Marijuana in Washington. There are many legal gray areas of today’s current market, know what is safe, what to experience and what to avoid. Become a part of history and experience Washington Cannabis!

Our tour starts at The Boro School of glass owned by Nathan Aweida, a renowned glass blower, and the pioneer of 7 Point Studios.  Nathan openly embraces Cannabis culture, and our tour provides behind-closed-doors access to the glass pipe industry.  Learn how to safely manipulate glass using a 1000+ degree flame and create a glass stir stick or a dabber.  Place your handmade craft in the kiln to temper, and bring your art home at the end of the tour!   This basic glass class is suitable for all ages, and no prior experience is necessary.glass2

Load up and get excited because our next stop is a secret culture spot that we know you will enjoy. Even better it is located in the heart of Seattle. You may be hungry after this stop so be prepared for a nice lunch at a local and organic restaurant.

After your glass blowing class, you bring a new sense of appreciation for Seattle’s premiere glass gallery and retail store, located in the University District. Learn about the history of glass through demonstrations that show the limit of functional art. One of our highlights is a dragon that growls and roars as smoke pulls through its belly. dispensary

Featured in this month’s NW Leaf Magazine, our next stop is a Cannabis boutique and an organic café.  At Herb’s House, our local hash expert known as the Cannabis Reverend captures your senses with an aromatic hash demonstration. We learn about creating Hash, and how to make different qualities of product. The Reverend also has created a “terpene soup” that is so fragrant it is intoxicating.

Our last stop focuses on using Cannabis as medicine.  We bring you into a local medical dispensary to connect with a passionate provider. Here we learn about using different strains and products to target symptoms and ailments. If you want to learn more about medicinal Cannabis, this is your chance to talk with a top tier professional in the industry.

All of our tours are 100% legal.  Additionally, our tours do not require a medical marijuana recommendation.  Experience legalization with our professional guides.  Please contact us with any questions, including special accommodations, lodging and group rates.

Past Tours: Glass & Cooking

Tour Length – 5 hours

This Premium experience starts behind the scenes at the Boro School boro2of glass. We start by touring the artists’ space, where nationally recognized pipe makers and glass blowers have a working studio. We quickly progress into our basics of glass blowing so that you can bring a glass dabber or stir stick home. The first step is to learning to work with glass in a safe manner. Working with molten glass with a 1000+ degree flame requires a knowledgeable instructor. We focus on safety and learning, and no experience is necessary! You will be working with borosilicate, also known as Pyrex glass. Before you know it, you are working with a glass rod in the flame, and putting your creation in the kiln to temper. You will be able to pick this up at the end of the tour.

Our second stop is a premium glass shop.   Local glass expert present on the history of glass pipes in Seattle with live demonstrations of their most precious pieces, such as a dragon that growls and roars as smoke pulls through its belly.  Learn about the evolution in the world of glass.

The third stop is to the only cannabis business open to the public. This local gem, Herb’s House hosts a local and organic café with a boutique dispensary on the second story. Cannabis Cooking Kush TourismTheir menu and Cannabis flowers are exquisite. Here the Reverend Jeff, our local hash expert, gives an aromatic hash demonstration. Next we work with a live Cannabis plant, learning about growing, cloning and trimming from our cultivation expert Nick.

Our final stop is a private kitchen in Arbor Heights that overlooks the sound. Learn how to infuse your meals with Cannabis from our expert chef Mary White. We cook with complimentary flavors and color, and integrate cooking tips and tricks. Dinner and drinks are included.

Kush Tourism offers Marijuana themed tours in Seattle. Our hands on experiences connect you with Cannabis professionals. All our tours are 100% legal and are open to anyone 21+.

-Create a glass stirstick or dabber
-Learn about Hash
-Cannabis: Cultivation and Trimming
-Cannabis cooking class with Mary White
-Dinner and drinks included


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