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timberlineLocated at 5,960 feet on the south side of Mt. Hood, this great depression era lodge is a national historic site and a beautiful one at that. Open to the public for tours and also lodging 365 days out of the year, Timberline is a great combination of The New Deal construction and local artisan cooperation. Fun fact: f you have ever watched the Hollywood film, “The Shining,” you would recognize this building as the outside of the “Overlook Hotel,” in the movie. The site sees over two million visitors a year and is a very popular destination for those enjoying the Mount Hood area, wishing to stay in the lodge instead of making the drive back and forth to Government camp or Hood River. If you wish to visit this beautiful lodge or book a room, click here for more information.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

Timberline Lodge is located on Mt. Hood, which is federal land, therefore it is a federal crime to possess or consume cannabis…that being said, this does not stop anyone and it is frequently consumed out in the open. If you wish to indulge, be smart and use a vape-pen.

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Timberline Lodge

From fine dining, to waffles, to local beer, The Timberline Lodge is full of plenty of fuel for you to enjoy the mountain and never go thirsty.