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oregon-zooOpened in 1888 and spanning over 64 acres, The Oregon Zoo is the most popular paid attraction in Oregon; the zoo sees over 1.6 million visitors each year. Located inside Portland’s Washington Park, the zoo boasts over 242 species of animals from across the globe, for preservation of certain species and educating the masses. In Fact The Oregon Zoo has 21 programs dedicated to animals on the endangered/threatened species list. The zoo is also home to a concert series and a popular holiday light show. If you are in Portland, this is a great daytime activity for the entire family. For information on tickets, pricing, operating hours and special exhibits/events, click here.

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Cannabis Policy & Facts

Marijuana consumption and possession is banned and illegal. All smoking within the park zoo is banned. If you MUST, bring a vape-pen and be discreet.


With six food locations and daily food carts, there is no shortage of delicious food to be eaten while enjoying the animals at the zoo. Click here for more info on each of the different eating areas.