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Near The Grand Coulee Dam

grand-coulee-damConstructed between 1933 and 1942, the dam was created to provide hydroelectricity and irrigation water to people all over the northwest. With the addition of a third power station in 1974, it is actually the largest hydro electricity producing plant in the United States. The dam is so large it has the capacity for over 2,280 MW, created by a whopping 33 total hydroelectric generators. The dam is a monument in the renerable energy world, creating sustainable energy and providing water for millions of people in the United States. There are tours of the dam and its fantastic generators; all of the information can be found here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

The dam is federal property on federal land, so it is a federal crime in regards to anything cannabis possession or consumption. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.


R&A Cafe

A quaint traditional american cafe located near the dam, R&A is a great spot for some pancakes and a nice cup of coffee before your tour.

Melody Restaurant & Lounge

Located right on the east-end of the Dam, Melody is culinary experience not to be missed after your tour of grand Coulee. Specializing in fine pastas and local meats, you will definitely get your fill.

Pepper Jack Bar & grill

Another home style restaurant in Grand Coulee, Pepper Jack’s serves grilled steaks, handmade soups and local beers with an old school flair.