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alder-streetPortland is famous nationwide for its food truck and food cart fascination. All over the city you will find street foods, exquisitely made with fresh ingredients. One of the main areas for food carts is the Alder Street Food cart Pod, an area between 9th and 10th street packed full of food carts serving ranging from steak dinners to fried avocados and sushi. If you are a food fanantic and wish to get an authentic taste of Portland, we highly recommend making a trip to the Pod area, it is a ton of fun and the options to stuff your face are endless. For more information regarding open carts, hours and a map, click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

Public Consumption of cannabis is illegal, but it is not uncommon. If caught you will asked to put out your cannabis or there is a simple fine for public consumption. If you do wish to indulge, do it discreetly or use a vape-pen.

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The whole area is food! All of the available food carts are available on the website listed above.