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snoqualmie-fallsLocated a short 29 miles from downtown Seattle, the 268-foot waterfall is visited by over 1.5 million tourists every year. The waterfall even got its 15 minutes of fame in the cult television show “Twin Peaks,” and its popularity has not slowed down since. The waterfall is home to an accompanying town of the same name with lodging and nighttime activities. A fairly quiet area, the scenery is what people come for. The top of the falls is located a short 100 yard hike from the parking lot, so a day trip is easy and convenient for a quick little romp out of the city. For information, operating hours and seasonal conditions click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

Snoqualmie Falls is a public area so cannabis consumption is illegal, but you wouldn’t be the first. If you so choose to indulge, use a vape-pen. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.


Twedes cafe

The original home of the famous Twin Peaks cherry pie, the diner sits just as it did 30 years ago. Go in and grab some tasty cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee on your way to the falls.

Snoqualmie Brewery & Taproom

With seven beers brewed on location and a fantastic full food menu, the Snoqualmie Brewery is a great way to experience the falls and enjoy some of the local culture and cuisine.

The Attic at Salish Lodge

Located at the Beautiful Salish Lodge 7 Resort, The Attic provides an upscale and exclusive dining experience for those looking for the finer things.