Pot Stores Near Seattle Central College

Seattle_Central_Community_College - free to useSeattle Central College is a state college located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It is one of the three colleges that make up the Seattle Colleges District. The college has been called one of the nation’s most diverse colleges. It is currently one of the few US colleges offering cannabis education courses to prepare people to work in the fledgling industry.

Policy & Cannabis Facts

Cannabis use is not allowed outside or inside the Seattle Central College. In the neighborhood next door is the beautiful Cal Anderson Park. Although cannabis use is also not allowed here, it would be one of the more spacious locations in the area where you would be less likely to bother someone with the smell of a fat joint.


Seattle Central Culinary Arts Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant (no website), 1701 Broadway BE2120

Let the students from the culinary program at the college tempt you with $5 pizzas and more affordable options than some in the neighborhood. Pick up tarts and whole pies at the bakery.


Chicken and waffles, poutine and pork berry with grits? Church pews and celebrated mixed drinks will make this Southern dining experience stand out from the rest.

The Bait Shop

Affordable menu items like tacos, wings and fish sandwiches dress out the menu of this local dive with decent happy hour specials. Known for its friendly crowd, one regular patron pleads, “don’t go here if you suck.”


“Lowest Prices in the State!”
Address: 2310 E UNION ST. SEATTLE, WA 98122
Phone:1.844.420.IKES (4537)
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Ponder2. PONDER

Address: 2413 East Union Street, Seattle, WA 98122, USA
Phone: 206-420-2180
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Queen-Anne-Cannabis-Company3. QUEEN ANNE CANNABIS COMPANY

Address: 312 W REPUBLICAN ST

Phone: 206-420-1042
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“Live Dockside!”
Address: 1728 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206)223-3724
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Address: 3540 STONE WAY N, SEATTLE WA 98103
Phone: (206) 946-8157
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