Marijuana Near Red Rock Canyon National Conservative Area

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Near Red Rock Canyon

red-rockWith over 2 million visitors each year, the Red Rock area is a must see for anyone visiting Las Vegas or just passing through. With a stunning red and vibrant green landscape, the area is a popular destination for photographers, hikers, bikers and climbers. Some of the most visited destinations in the park are the Keystone Thrust and La Madre Mountain, and are accessible using the 13 mile loop through the area. If you are into camping in the desert, the area provides locations for you to enjoy as well. Easily visible from the strip, there is fun for the whole family. For more information click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

Red Rock is federal land, meaning it is a federal crime to possess or consume cannabis anywhere inside the area. Although you would not be the first or the last, we do not recommend it. Initiative Petition 1 passed on the eighth of November, so when recreational shops start opening, getting your hands on a discrete vape pen or edibles won’t be difficult! For a full directory of medical cannabis shops in Nevada, click here.


Yard House-Red Rock Casino

Although a nationwide chain, Yard House provides excellent american style cuisine with a great beer selection.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

With a wide variety of food from Wok style noodles to wood fired pizza, Lazy Dog will fill you up and leave your thirst quenched.