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pdxFAA code for Portland’s International Airport, PDX sits 12 miles southeast of downtown Portland, a civil-military combination airport. So far in 2016, PDX has seen over 17,000,000 passengers and over 222,000 flights pass through its facility. A nice airport with many amenities including a fantastic array of food, a mini-move theatre and even the nations first alcohol tasting room, it is rated as one of the most on time facilities in the country. there is even a bicycle repair station in the lower terminal roadway, for all your cycling repair needs. For all of the information you will need, click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

It is a federal crime to fly with cannabis, so we do not recommend traveling with it. if you must indulge, do so before you get to the airport or just wait as there are plenty of recreational stores close by.

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Bambuza Vietnamese kitchen

Serving traditional Vietnamese food daily, Bambuza is a great spot if you are looking to kill some time in the airport and eat something a little more exotic.

Beach shack

With a California beach theme, the Shack serves great burgers and good beers. Kick back and relax, and enjoy that Corona with lime.

Hissho Sushi

if you are tired of the normal airport food regiment (we sure are), Hissho offers an array of freshly caught seafood prepared right in front of you. Whether you need a quick pick up and run or want to sit down with some sake, we highly recommend stopping in.