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oregon-dunesStretching 40 miles between North bend and Florence, the dune park is a beautifully windswept, with plenty of activities for the entire family. The Dune park is inside the Siusaw national Forest and was founded in 1972. Located on the coast, the beach and surrounding area are home to fishing, surfing, hiking, 4-wheeling, horseback riding and more. The area is extremely popular, attracting over 1.5 million visitor each year, eager to see the area that inspired the written novel series, Dune. with miles of beautiful terrain for camping or just a day trip, the Dunes are an area worth visiting. For more information on the park, tours, permits and everything else, click here.

Cannabis policy & Facts

The Oregon Dunes National Area is federal land, therefore it is a federal crime to possess or consume cannabis…that being said, this does not stop anyone and it is frequently consumed out in the open. If you wish to indulge, be smart and use a vape-pen. 

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Dune Cafe

With a beautiful beachside view and locale, The Dune cafe is sure to delight. From local seafood, to tacos, to even handmade pizzas, everyone can find something worth enjoying!

La Heradurra

Touted as the best mexican in the North bend area, La Heradurra is a great spot for some authentic tequila and handmade tamales.

Ungers Bay

Quite literally on the water, Ungers Bay is a local favorite for seafood lovers and serves the best fish n chips in the area.