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olympicLocated in the beautiful Olympic National Forest, the naturally occurring hot springs range from warm to over 138 degrees Fahrenheit. Andrew Jacobson discovered these seeps, or bowls in Boulder Creek, in 1892 and up until 1966 a resort sat in the area. Now sitting on federal land and open to the public, they are accessible through a short hike on the Appleton pass trail (about 2.5 miles), once you are parked in the National Forest. It is a three-hour drive from Seattle, so visitors usually make weekend vacations to the area. For permits, information, operating hours and seasonal conditions click here

Cannabis Policy & Facts

The Olympic Hot Springs are on federal land, so anything cannabis related is illegal and considered a federal crime. If you wish to ingest cannabis, be discreet about it (use a vape pen). For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.


There are multiple restaurant and eating areas inside Olympic Park, click here for more information. Whether you wish for some fine dining or a nice lakeside view on the patio, there is something for everyone to enjoy.