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mesaThe largest and most extensive archaeological site in the United States, Mesa Verde is a beautiful landscape full of perfectly preserved cliff dwellings. With over 5,000 sites to explore, the park is a self guided experience into the past and into the lives of the ancient Pueblo Indians that once inhabited the area. It is a truly breath taking experience with stunning views and and extensive educational experience; we highly recommend making a trip out to the park. If you are interested in visiting Mesa Verde, click here.

Cannabis policy & Facts

Cannabis consumption and possession is a crime in the park area, we recommend indulging BEFORE you enter. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.


Spruce tree Terrace cafe

A simple yet beautiful dining experience inside the park, come grab some food and sit on the patio or get it to go and enjoy the park!

Metate Room

A bit more upscale than other eateries inside the park, The Metate Room offers fresh seafood and local organic foods to fill your belly while you sit atop the lodge and watch the sunset.

Far View Terrace

With a full dining menu and a great coffee shop, Far View offers a nice casual experience for the whole family to enjoy. Come and grab one of their famous Navajo tacos and maybe even some ice cream.

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