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Near High Cascades National Park

high-cascadesEasily one of the most scenic and visited locations in the state of Washington, the High Cascades Park boasts over 500,000 acres of land accessible to the public (depending on the time of year). Established as a national park on October 2nd, 1968 the protected area boasts fantastic features: The Washington Pass Overlook, Maple pass Loop, Colonial Creek Campground, Blue Lake Trail, and ladder Creek Falls are only a few of the many activities and sights to enjoy whole visiting the park. less than two hours from downtown Seattle, this massive park is a wonderful day or weekend trip for the local or for the common tourist. All of the information regarding High Cascades national Park can be found here.

Cannabis policy & Facts

High Cascades national Park is federal land, so it is a federal crime in regards to anything cannabis possession or consumption. We do not recommend the use of cannabis in the park, but you would not be the first and certainly not the last. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.


Eddie’s Cafe

Right on the lake, Eddie’s provides an ice cream parlor, an american diner, and a gift shop all in one building. Come get some moosetracks, a burger and a shirt at Eddie’s!

Milano Pasta Fresca

With an extensive wine menu and old world Italian style cooking, Milano Pasta Fresca takes pride in creating an experience for the customer. Come eat some freshly made pasta and maybe even a nice glass of Chardonnay along with it.

Stehekin Valley Ranch

Smack in the middle of the North Cascades, the ranch actually grows the majority of its own produce on the property for you to enjoy. Served in the old west ranch style, the local food and meats will keep the whole family happy and full. While the ranch does not serve alcohol, guests are welcome to bring their own!