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Near Griffith Obervatory

griffith-observatory-849639_960_720Since its opening in 1935, The Griffith Observatory has been dedicated to educating the public on the science of the sky. home to one of the countries first planetariums and countless exhibits for all to see, the park has operated free to the public. Overlooking the great city of Los Angeles, the observatory sits 1,134 feet above sea level with many telescopes peering into the universe, looking for answers. For all of the information you will ever need on the Griffith Observatory, click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

Cannabis consumption is prohibited in and on the grounds of the Griffith Observatory; you would not be the first nor the last to indulge, if you so choose, but we highly suggest against it. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)was passed on the eighth of November, you definitely won’t be the last! For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.


The Cafe at the End of the Universe

Located inside the Griffith Observatory, The Cafe is operated by Wolfgang Puck. Whether it be a quick sandwich, a coffee, a glass of wine, or a full course meal the cafe will serve your needs.

Little Dom’s

A short distance from Griffith, Dom’s offers a beautiful array of simple home style Italian cooking and delights. With a focus on the past, we highly recommend Dom’s for a meal!