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fort-vancouverSplit between the border of Oregon and Washington, the historical site is a monument to the birth of America, our fur-trading past, and military power. Fort Vancouver is actually two parts: the fort itself, located in Washington, and the Home of John McLaughlin, in Oregon. Both stood as separate historical monuments for years but were joined together in 2003, creating one grand historical attraction. Fort Vancouver was originally a fur trading post founded in 1824 by John Mclaughlin and was the center of the west coast fur-trading industry. In 1849 Army barracks were constructed and it formally became a military base, then in 1948 it was declared a national monument. For information about the site, tours and all of the information you will need about the site click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is federal land, it is a federal crime to possess or consume cannabis on the land. Although you would not be the first, we do not recommend consuming any cannabis or possessing any cannabis on the site. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Washington, click here.


The Grant House

Dubbed Vancouver’s “best kept secret,” offers a fine selection of wine and local burgers or seafood for anyone to enjoy. Located in Fort Vancouver Historic Reserve, on Officers Row, we highly recommend making a stop here.


Offering the best brunch in the area, Christine’s is a work of love for traditional American style foods. It is an old home converted to a diner, so there is a lot of charm to enjoy while you are downing some freshly made blueberry pancakes.


Just at the name says, everything is from scratch. Frumskratch takes pride in their locally sourced ingredients and hours of time spent preparing delicious traditional american food for their customers.