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fort-clatsopA dedication to the Lewis and Clark expedition, the park and rebuilt fort are the site of where the famous party hunkered down during the winter of 1805/06. Located outside of Astoria, on the Oregon coast, Fort Clatsop was monumental in the preservation of the expedition and with its rebuilt walls, aims to teach everyone about the expedition and what life was like during that time period ion the wild Pacific Northwest. The park and fort area encompasses over 3,000 acres of preserved wetlands, full of history and learning experiences for everyone to enjoy. For information about activities in the back, educational materials, hours of operation and more, click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

The park is federal land, therefore it is a federal crime to consume or possess cannabis…that being said, this does not stop anyone and it is frequently consumed out in the open. If you wish to indulge, be smart and use a vape-pen.

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Specializing in locally caught tuna, The Bowpicker is THE destination for fish n chips. The only catch is that they close when the fish is out, so get there early!

Fort George Brewery

A wonderful Oregon-style micro brewery, Fort George brews some delicious beers with a full service restaurant to match.

Wet Dog Cafe

Another brew-pub, Wet Dog crafts some wonderful local brews sure to blow your mind. With a fantastic seafood and “landfood” menu, Wet Dog is a must.