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Near Denver Int. Airport

denver_international_airportInfamous for its apocalyptic murals depicting genocide and the “New World Order,” Denver is the gateway to the west. With the largest land area out of any airport in the United States, DIA sits on over 33,000 acres and sees over 54 million passenger yearly. If you are traveling to or from the airport, be on the lookout for horse…you will know what we mean when you see it. For more information on the airport, click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

It is a federal crime to fly with cannabis and it is illegal to take cannabis from Colorado to another state. We do not recommend transporting anything IT IS A CRIME. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.


With an extensive list of eateries and bars, Denver International Airport will have something for anyone. If you are looking for a beer and a burger or if you need something a bit more gluten-free there are plenty of options. If you would like a full list of restaurants and their respective location inside the airport, click here.