Northwest Cannabis Club

NW Cannabis Club
The very first thing that happened to me after I discovered 1195 SE Powell (the home of the Northwest Cannabis Club) was a bench at the rear of the building. That bench it turns out has been used by local cannabis consumers for quite a time. Seems that cannabis consumption already has a history at this location.

As the Northwest Cannabis Club establishes roots and begins its journey it becomes clear the differences between our Seattle goals, life, and experiences and our new Portland home. We leave Seattle behind after being in service to nearly 55,000 Patients and Patient Providers for over nearly 5 years. The Northwest Cannabis Market provided safe and secure access for over 2.5 million patient visits. We held a high standard of ethical and moral behavior and made our 2 locations the largest access points in Washington. We bring our experience and knowledge to Portland and our mission is to again lead the way in normalizing Cannabis in today’s marketplace.

Local authorities are never going to provide the pathway. Innovative companies with strength, courage and commitment will provide the way. All we must do is see their vision and support their efforts. We’re completing our new covered smoking patio which we believe will be a model moving forward. We’re also changing X-Challenge to PDX- Challenge. We’re doubling the total prize money to $20,000 and also adding Flower categories. We’ll be providing VIP Events for Sponsors and Judges. We are also changing the date to March 25th & 26th which will allow you time to get more entries in and allow us the opportunity of making PDX-Challenge a true Portland Event. Something that will certainly bring pride to the Club. Our kitchen will soon be open and will add a new dynamic to the whole picture.

Our future is bright and we invite you to join us on our New Journey!!

Michael W Keysor

Address: 1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 206-4594