Oregon Marijuana Lounges

Find the best lounges in Oregon with Kush Tourism.  Relax while you vacation in Oregon, enjoy legal pot, and the vibrant Oregon culture.  This list of lounges and cannabis speakeasies is ever changing especially under the current Oregon regulations which ban indoor smoking. Also note that while consuming cannabis is legal in Oregon, public consumption of cannabis is not. Please be careful to follow all of the legal guidelines during your stay. If you have any questions, refer to our Oregon FAQs or take a tour when you land! If you have yet to pick up any product, refer to our Oregon Cannabis Retail Shop Map and Directory. Welcome to Oregon, keep it weird!

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365-cannabis-shoreline-kush-guideNW Cannabis Market

Address: 1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 206-4594
Hours: 2pm – Midnight Daily
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WFCCWorld Famous Cannabis Cafe

Address: 7958 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 777-1667
Hours: Mon & Tuesday 3pm – 10pm, Wednesday 1pm – 10pm, Thursday – Saturday 3pm – 11pm
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