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Located 17 miles East of Portland, Troutdale has 0 retail marijuana shops within its city limits but is home to over 16,500 inhabitants. Since there are no retail shops in Troutdale you will need to use the resource to your right. Located Multnomah County, Troutdale is one of the gateways into the mount Hood Scenic Byway, the Columbia River Gorge and the Historic Columbia River Highway. A small but active community, Troutdale has plenty of recreational parks for disc golf, picnics, swimming or even just a nice stroll to enjoy the sun. We also highly recommend making a trip to the Mcmenamins Edgefield Resort: this area features outdoor soaking pools, vegetable gardens, a distillery and even a vineyard.

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There are multiple options for places to stay when visiting Troutdale. We recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express or Travelodge.