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“Keep Portland weird,” is the citywide phrase of choice, and quite honestly…its a little weird they are normalizing cannabis. Located in the Willamette Valley, Portland has roughly the same population as Seattle (around 630,000 citizens) and shares many of the same similarities with Seattle, but with more of an “hipster meets granola,” vibe. The “weird,” reputation has even gained so much notoriety that a TV show based on the city, called “Portlandia,” has become one of the most popular shows in the United States. On July 1, 2015, recreational marijuana went legal, going along with Colorado and Washington. With a 25% tax on marijuana, it is marginally less expensive than Washington, but still just as affordable for any consumer.

Actually, 60% of Oregon’s population resides in Portland, which makes for quite a dense metropolitan area. With that density, comes a lot of excitement; there is ALWAYS something fun going on. Conventions like The Rose City ComicCon, festivals like the Oregon Music festival, block parties such as the aptly named Portland block Party…you name it. Like Seattle, the music scene has always been world class but has blown up recently with such an intense influx of people moving to Portland and more travel growth, more and more artists are starting to tour through Portland.

Portland prides itself in its counter-culture persona and strives to make sure everyone knows about it, to put that in perspective: Portland has the most strip clubs per capita, in the entire country while also boasting one of the largest public park square mileage, rounding out at around 10,000 acres.

Another local favorite is the food-truck culture; Portland essentially started the trend that has now spread across the country, with PDX Sliders taking the top spot. Portland also heralds an immense amount of locally sourced foods and sources those to the many restaurants in the area, i.e. farm to table. Portland yet again, has been a pioneer in that trend becoming more popular in the United States. Portland is even home to one of the countries NBA teams, The Portland Trailblazers, which have one of the richest histories out of the entire NBA organization. Not limited to the NBA, the Timbers are the local MLS team, sitting at the number six spot in the league. So go get weird in Portland, catch some sports and tell them Kush Tourism sent you.

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