Dallas Marijuana Information

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Located 15 miles West of Salem, Dallas has 0 retail marijuana shops within its city limits but is home to over 15,000 inhabitants. Since there are no retail shops in Dallas you will need to use the resource to your right. Sitting just under the Baskett Slough national Wildlife Refuge, Dallas (no, not Texas) is a beautiful city with a focus on the great outdoors. Dallas ia also home to numerous wineries that feature tours and tasting rooms for those looking to get a little saucy, or there are plenty of sports area for those trying to get their sweat on. Dallas is very community oriented with farmers markets featuring local produce and wares and other sponsored events throughout the calendar year.

For a full directory of cannabis shops in Oregon, click here.


There are multiple options for places to stay when visiting Dallas. We recommend staying at the Riverside Inn or Best Western Inn

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