Central Point Marijuana Information

Retail Marijuana Shops In
Central point

Located 163 miles South of Eugene, Central point has 0 retail marijuana shops within it’s city limits but is home to over 18000 inhabitants. Since there are no retail shops in Central point you will need to use the resource to your right. Located right next to Medford, Central Point is home to the Jackson Country Fair. Central point is also home to the Rogue Creamery which makes some of the worlds best cheeses as rated by the World Cheese Awards, so go and get a taste. If you enjoy natural history, there is a the Crater Rock Museum or if you are more of a wine-o the Caprice Vineyards would be perfect for you.

For a full directory of cannabis shops in Oregon, click here.


There are multiple options for places to stay when visiting Central point. We recommend staying at the La Quinta Inn & Suites or Holiday Inn Express.

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