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With a population of 9,500 citizens Astoria has over five legal marijuana dispensaries servicing the population and its tourists, so the sweet ganj will not be hard to locate. It should take a drive of more than a few miles to find the nearest legal marijuana retail shop.

Another fun fact about this sleepy little coast town is that Lewis and Clark actually spent an awful winter at Fort Clatsop just south, there is now even a reconstructed fort that is now a museum. It is pretty cool to picture the differences between when they were there and what it looks like now, so we definitely recommend checking this spot out!

Astoria is also home to many stunning beaches, and the famous Fort Stevens State Park. Fun fact: Mt. Emily, just a bit above Brookings, was the first site in the continental United States to get bombed, but it was only minor. Thank goodness for that, we love this town.

As it is on the coast, Astoria has some fantastic seafood and accordingly fantastic restaurants like the Silver Salmon Grille or the Bowpicker. Be sure to try their seafood, you just aren’t doing it right if you skip out on all the fresh caught options this town has to offer.

If you are a Goonies fanatic, you will definitely want to visit Astoria, as it is the location where the movie was filmed. The house, the jail, the views…all filmed in Astoria. Astoria is also the location for Short Circuit, The Black Stallion, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Free Willy 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, The Ring Two, Into the Wild, and The Guardian. If Hollywood loves Astoria, you will love Astoria, which is what we are trying to get across.

Come check out all that beautiful Astoria has to offer soon! It is a phenomenal place to kick back and relax your mind!

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