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Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

With a population of around 2,615,060, Toronto is the largest city in all of Canada’s provinces, and is also the capital of Ontario. The city is actually the 4th largest in all of North America, so it’s a pretty big deal. The city was officially incorporated in 1834, but settlement of the area began significantly earlier in 1750 when the town was known as Fort Rouille.

The city is located on the Northern shore of Lake Ontario, and is a financial and cultural powerhouse. The area is known for being very high society. The shopping and fine dining options are extraordinarily prevalent, and the community is also highly accepting. Toronto is a popular destination for progressive individuals for their forward thinking and clean society. There is also a huge amount of diversity in town too, almost 50% of the population is from a minority group.

The city is also known for having insurmountable amounts of entertainment available at all times. The city has a market for musicals and theater that rivals that of Broadway in New York City. Also, because of the beautiful landscapes, and the bustling nature of the city, many films and television shows are filmed in Toronto. Lastly, the city has many major concert venues that have created an environment that musicians love to play in, and as a result it seems that nearly every popular band tours through the city. Save up before you come to town, there are so many different fun and interesting ways you can spend your money and have the time of your life.

Another important aspect to Toronto that should be kept in mind is that with all of incredible offerings of the city, tourism to the area is astronomical. There are so many different hotels all over the city and metropolitan area that still wind up full routinely. The economy is very strong, and the city is in constant state of growth. New shops, restaurants, and housing options are sprouting up every day.

We could spend days trying to tell you all about Toronto and their insane amount of cool spots to check out – or you could just come see it for yourself! Medical Marijuana has been legal in Ontario, Canada since late 2015, yet recreational cannabis still remains illegal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to legalize it as soon as this upcoming Spring, so big things could soon be coming to the city, weed-wise.

There are no retail medical marijuana shops in Canada, instead they utilize a mail-order system where meds are distributed through the mail. That being said, we haven’t yet started a Toronto dispensary map & directory, but when recreational shops do start opening, we will definitely create one, so keep your eyes peeled for more once the legalization does occur.

Come check out Toronto as soon as you possibly can! It is an easy place to lose yourself in, because it is such a cool and progressive city. If you would like more information on Ontario Marijuana Laws, click here!

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