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Halifax, NS

Halifax, NS

The capital of the province Nova Scotia is Halifax, but its legal name is the Halifax Regional Municipality. The city has a population of about 390,096, making it the 14th largest metropolitan area in all of Canada. The city was established in 1749, but wasn’t legally incorporated until years later in 1842. Today, the city is known for being one of the best places in North America to live due to the quality of life, low crime rates, and work opportunity.

The city is the main economic powerhouse of Atlantic Canada, and has a wide variety of industries that employ local citizens. Between fishing, mining, higher education, and government agencies, there are a lot of different opportunities for work in town for people from all walks of life. The Department of National Defense is located in town, and offers many government positions. Another major economy booster is the Halifax Shipyard and the Port of Halifax, which provides not only ports for trading ships, but also is where many commercial fishing boats are docked when not out to sea.

The city has had its fair share of disasters though. In the winter of 1917, the French SS Mont Blanc was carrying a large shipment of ammunition and other weapons when it collided with the Belgian ship the SS Imo. The resulting explosion killed over 2,000 individuals, and injured over 9,000 more. This was catastrophic, and was the largest man made explosion until the advent of nuclear weapons. Halifax was lucky that nearby American cities like Boston offer significant aid in their time of need, and this resulting in a rather tight bond between the two cities.

The city is located on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, on a peninsula of the same name. As a result of their location, aquatic activities are hugely popular in town. Besides the large amount of commercial fisherman, there is a large population of folks who fish for pleasure as opposed to those who do it for a living. Also, there’s tons of gorgeous pristine beaches in the area that are hugely popular in the warmer months. Canoeing and kayaking are also big activities in the area that allow the people of Halifax to not only enjoy their downtime, but also to stay fit and happy.

Unfortunately, there are no retail medical marijuana shops in Canada, instead they utilize a system where meds are distributed through the mail or by personal delivery. That being said, we haven’t yet started a Halifax dispensary map & directory, but when recreational shops do start opening, we will definitely create one, so keep your eyes peeled for more once the legalization does occur.

Come check out Halifax as soon as you possibly can! It is an easy place to lose yourself in, because it is such a cool and beautiful city. If you would like more information on Nova Scotia Marijuana Laws, click here!

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