medical-marijuana-shopEven with the legalization of cannabis passing no November 4, 2014, there have yet to be any recreational marijuana stores open to the public (the first one “Frozen Budz” is opening soon). This has caused an issue of where patients and citizens can buy cannabis, in a legal manner. Since 2014, numerous private member social clubs have opened up, which allow for the consumption of cannabis and sometimes free samples from growers looking to share their product.

At this time, public consumption of cannabis is an $100 fine, if caught by a police officer. Some lawmakers argue that these clubs are public places, even with membership fees and a vetting process; other argue it is a private collective, where public consumption laws have no teeth. How can an enclosed space that you pay for, be considered an open, public space? For now, this is a very gray area and we will keep you updated on this fluid situation! For now, these clubs will remain open…so go and enjoy before and if these laws change!

No Smoking Allowed...?
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No Smoking Allowed...?
Even with the legalization of cannabis in Alaska, it has been an uphill battle for a legal framework. Click here to learn more about the current state of retail locations in Alaska.
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