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While medicinal marijuana has been legal since 2000, the first dispensaries did not open until July 2015. The very first being Silver State Relief in Reno, Nevada, opened its doors to patients on July 27, 2015. With a booming steady industry and plenty of tourists passing through, the city finally decided to allow a few stores to open, as it is a key new source of income.

The city is not very lax on public consumption and the fines are heavy if you are caught; up to a $600 dollars fine and/or a misdemeanor charge. We recommend the use of a vape-pen, if you must consume anywhere other than your own private dwelling.

Not just a destination for gambling, Reno actually has a ski resort relatively close by. Mt Rose is a quaint resort, boasting 1,200 acres of shredable mountain. Some more outdoor activities include ATV Tours, some that will even take you on private hunting excursions. Reno is also home to some fantastic museums; The National Automobile Museum is home to over 200 vehicles spanning the entire history of cars, and the Nevada Museum of Art has an installation here as well.

Reno is also a base for thousands of rock climbers that pass through every year. The city is surrounded by cliffs and relatively tall mountain-scape that boast some great crack climbing.

With gambling and alcohol sales being the main source of economic income for the city of Reno, this new source is welcome and much needed. Because Initiative Petition 1 was passed on the eighth of November, marijuana is now legal and soon there will be a whole new reason to travel to the city! For a full directory of medical cannabis shops in Nevada, click here.