The United States of America is one state closer to full cannabis normalization with Michigan’s Gov Ricky Snyder signing 3 medical marijuana bills into law. The package of regulations was signed on September 21, 2016 is a regulatory framework allowing patients easier access to cannabis and cannabis based medicines. Until this law was signed, there was a legal grey area for dispensaries and producer/processors that left many wondering about the actual legality of the industry within the state

The new bills:

  • Public Act 281: Implements a licensing framework for retail dispensaries, producer/producers and the transportation of medical cannabis.
  • Public Act 282: Implements the legality for patients to consume cannabis infused products.
  • Public Act 283: Implements a seed-to-sale tracking system for medical cannabis.

This decision is a monumental step in opening up access to medicine for millions of patients that live in the State of Michigan and we are all for it. there is still the process of being prescribed medical cannabis by a doctor but this will eliminate much of the stress and fear of growing or consuming cannabis. This package will also open up the flood gates for tax revenue and allow many of Michigan economically deprived areas a chance to rebuild. We will keep you posted on the effects of this law and how Michigan is fighting the good fight. For now, light if you got it, Michigan!

Michigan Clarifies Medical Marijuana
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Michigan Clarifies Medical Marijuana
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