Massachusetts Marijuana Tours

maAre you looking for an introduction to Massachusetts Cannabis Culture? What better way than to enjoy a marijuana tour!? Since Massachusetts has recently legalized recreational marijuana, we expect marijuana tours to start popping up throughout throughout the state. Currently there are no official recreational tours in the state due to their regulations, but as soon as tours begin to pop up, we will post them in our directory below. Tours will be similar to tours in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, and will be open to anyone over the age of 21! Become a part of history being made and enjoy a Cannabis Tour (Once they are available!). Also, if you are interested in discussing franchising of a Massachusetts Kush Tour, please reach out to us either by email at, or by phone – (206) 587-KUSH (5874)

Don’t forget to take a peek at our FAQs for more information about Massachusetts’s current legal environment. Also, if you have a Massachusetts medical marijuana card, you can currently make a purchase at one of the state’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries!

Virtual Tour: