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With a population of about 181,045, the city of Worcester is the 2nd largest town in all of New England. The town sits about 40 miles west of Boston, and is pretty centrally located not only in the state, but also within all of the state’s metropolitan areas. The city was officially incorporated in 1848, and is comprised of just shy of 39 sq miles of land. The area has been filled with inventive minds for ages. For example, both candlestick bowling and Valentine’s Day cards were both invented in Worcester! If that isn’t enough, the Monkey Wrench was also created in town. Inhabitants of this area clearly think outside the box!

Worcester is a beautiful place to visit. The Blackstone River forms in the center of town, and is a great place to go for a hike. The town also has several ponds, and two major lakes. Both Lake Quinsigamund and Indian Lake are gorgeous places to relax and unwind. If you love boating of any variety, both lakes are great spots to check out.

If you love Italian food, Shewsbury Street is the town’s Little Italy, and has an insane amount of delicious food options. There are also many small shops and cafes along this strip as well. If you are more interested in the nightlife scene, The Canal District has tons of popular bars and clubs to drink and dance the night away at!

Worcester also offers a great deal of local art to be taken in. You can find works of varying mediums all over town, and it is super fun to see all of the different styles and takes coming from the same inspiration.

Worcester currently has no retail marijuana shops, but since recreational marijuana was recently legalized, we would be surprised if no recreational shops opened in town. If that were to happen, Boston isn’t too far away.

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