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With a population of 153,060, the city of Springfield is the third largest in the state of Massachusetts. The city was officially incorporated in 1852 on the bank of the Connecticut River. Today, the town sees much of its population in young students. In the 24 mile stretch between Hartford, CT and Springfield, there are over 32 institutions of higher education, and over 160,000 students attending them. This area is known as the “Knowledge Corridor.” There is only one area in the country that has a higher concentration of schools in the entire country, so it is pretty cool to see so many young people expanding their horizons in one small area.

Sports lovers love Springfield for the ever popular sport of basketball, which was invented in town by James Naismith in 1891. This city is even affectionately referred to as Hoop City. That wasn’t the only major invention to come out of the town, though. In addition to basketball, the first American English Dictionary was produced by Miriam Webster in 1805 right in Springfield.

Also, the first use of interchangeable parts and an assembly line happened in town. Both the first ever horseless car, and the first gas-powered cars came out of Springfield, and just wait, there’s more! Vulcanized rubber was first produced in town in 1844, and the first successful motorcycle producer, Indian, started in town as well. With all of these innovations, one has to assume these occurred as a result of many of the greatest minds in the country being located in the area.

The city also has many major festivals and events going on year round, and they bring great tourism with them! The Hoop City Jazz Festival goes on every year in July. There’s also the Basketball Hall of Fame Enrichment Weekend, which features many galas, dinners, and speeches. This event is not to be missed if you live and breathe basketball!

Springfield is a beautiful place to visit. Don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself! Unfortunately there currently are no retail marijuana locations in Springfield, but because the recreational use of marijuana was recently legalized, we won’t be surprised if shops start opening in town within the next year or so.

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