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Just two miles northwest of downtown Boston sits the city of Somerville. With a population of about 75,754, the town is the 13th largest in the state of Massachusetts. Somerville was officially incorporated in 1842, and today is the most densely populated city in all of New England. The town is a popular area to live not only for its ideal proximity to downtown, but it has also been recognized by the Boston Globe as being the best run city in the entire state.

Somerville is also known for being the location of a major historical event that lead to the start of the American Revolutionary War. A group of Brits stole American gunpowder, and the overwhelming reaction of the people lit the fire under the country and was a point of no return for the beginning of the war.

After the conclusion of the war, Somerville began to grow as new industries took over in town. More housing was being built in the area as dairy farmers, rock quarries, and brickmakers began flocking to town.

What is the coolest thing about Somerville you might ask? Have you ever had Fluff marshmallow creme? I love dipping strawberries in it, or topping ice cream with it, and it was originally invented in town by Archibald Query. Bless you, Archie! You have done us a great service.

Unfortunately there are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries located in town, but with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Massachusetts, we hope that it will mean that some recreational shops will open their doors to the public in the area in the near future!

Come check out all that Somerville has to offer. It is a great place to relax and unwind! If you would like more information on Massachusetts Marijuana Laws, click here.

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